The existing flexible support tools are all based on pins which are contacting the bottom side of the board. With those systems the support force is applied locally and therefore, there is a risk to damage components under the joint action of the pins and the squeegee/transfer head. All those systems are also very sensitive to the contamination with solder paste or adhesive.VacuNest combines the advantages of the machined dedicated tools and of the flexible pin arrangement tools without their drawbacks. With VacuNest the support force is spread over a large surface.

A pliable antistatic chamber contains solid particles. Once the chamber is conformed with a golden board, vacuum locks the particles without shrinkage thus creating a firm and precise support for the whole batch of boards to produce.

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VacuNest RESET
An elastic material brings the pliable antistatic chamber back to the initial position. VacuNest is ready for another board.


  • The support forces are spread over the wall board
  • No risk to damage a component due to the printing pressure,
  • Firm and precise support,
  • Ease of use,
  • Flexibility,
  • No substrate vibrations during SMT placement or dispensing,
  • No dedicated toolings and very short payback period


  • Board width from 60 to 500 mm
  • Transfer head and squeegee compatible
  • Adhesive, solder paste, … compatible
  • Component height 0 to 12 mm
  • Board thickness 0,5 to 5 mm
  • Maximum board length 450 mm

VacuNest is in use on DEK, MPM and EKRA printers.

VacuNest can be adapted on printers, dispensers and pick and place equipments.

Tabletop VacuNest brings the following benefits :

  • Custom support of device body
  • “Soft” cushion support ~ no risk of body damage
  • Secure support positioning ~ moulded to component shape
  • Sets + Supports custom shape within 30 seconds
  • Shape fully maintained for full batch assembly
  • Re usable time after time & fully refurbishable

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