Liquid Printing

The cappilary squeegee
The capillary area injection squeegee allows the transfer of all liquid products through a mesh screen. Due to the design, the product is always maintained in a sealed chamber and keeps its optimum rheological characteristics. The control of the transfer force leads to total flow control. The capillary device acts both as a flow regulator and as a shutter during the separation between the screen and the transfer head. Consequently, the capillary squeegee allows an increase in transfer speed as well as a reduction in product consumption. In addition, the operators are no longer in contact with the products to be transferred, this is a positive asset for health and safety, knowing that most of the inks contain highly volatile solvents

Application possibilities

  • Electronic (printed circuit board , ….),
  • Glass industry,,
  • Textile industry,
  • Graphic applications (paper, plastic, ….),
  • Ceramics, …

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