NOVATEC has entered into a new agreement with DEK. DEK is the worldwide eclusive licencee of NOVATEC for the ProFlex™ technology.

ProFlex™ will enable high accuracy mass imaging to surpass resolutions of 150 µm in commercial volumes. By extending process capability in this way, ProFlex opens the door to high volume manufacturing of next generation component packages requiring fine-pitch area grid arrays, and to SMT assembly of next generation chip-scale packages.

ProFlex will be available as a factory fitted option for new machines, and as a machine performance upgrade (MPU) to machines already in the field. It is the result of in-depth studies into stencil behaviour during the separation phase. Because stencil separation has a significant impact on paste release, its influence over stencil cleaning requirements is particularly critical for very small apertures. The need to invoke frequent stencil cleaning cycles reduces throughput. By changing the stencil’s behaviour during separation, ProFlex minimises aperture blocking to reduce the number of stencil cleaning cycles.

ProFlex ™
will be shown at Productronica 2003. ProFlex™ is a Trade Mark of DEK.

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